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Monday, 20 October 2014

So my internet is pretty slow, my laptop charger only charges whenever it feels like it, my teeth hurts because I’m wearing my retainers for the first time in a long time, and I am so bored. Okay, maybe the latter two is my fault but you know what? I reckon that this was bound to happen because the blogging Gods think that I need to write a new post because uhmm… I haven’t posted in 2 months! 2 MONTHS! I just started and I’m already slacking! Although it kind of doesn't matter because it’s not like I have lots of people following me right? But still, not an excuse!

Well, since the last time I posted something my life has been pretty much filled with ups and downs. I have a dilemma overload to say the least. That’s why I've decided to change my blog name, since I've been treating this as my online diary. I've also decided to make this a more personal blog and post and update about my current woe - JOB HUNTING! I’m at this annoyingly awkward stage wherein I just finished a course, I’m job hunting and still unsure if I’m moving elsewhere. I’m just so confused right now and I don’t know which path to take. I know everybody goes through this and this is somehow normal. But I don’t like the feeling of not being able to control my life. I want to be the 'ME' that I used to be. Independent and full of dreams! Now I’m neither. The only good thing about this is I have lots of free time to post more stuff here and hopefully start making videos!

After what I’m going through though, I've realized my favorite quality about me – I’m a freaking positive thinker!  I always wake up and feel so grateful that no matter how stressed I am, I’m still lucky to be alive! I should be thankful that I still have opportunities to better myself. I always tell my friends or people who are going through something horrible that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, and that WHATEVER IS MEANT TO BE WILL BE. I never really listened to my own advice because somehow it was easier to say it to others than actually believe them myself. I just hope a year from now everything will be okay.

And yes, I've been doing some retail therapy lately!! You know what that means? A HAUL! Hahaha

Muchos besos,

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