Socks, Shoes & A Snood | A short & sweet Primark & ALDO Haul

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Helloooo! I've done some damage the past few weeks and it's quite impossible for me to do a collective haul with the amount of stuff I bought so I've decided to somehow divide them accordingly. Hahaha! You know what that means? More hauls coming your way!

Obviously this is a haul about the things mentioned in the title. Surprise! Surprise! haha

Am I the only person who gets excited to have new pairs of socks? Well, I went to the best place ever to buy them! PRIMARK

 3 Pairs of white shoe liner socks - £3.00, 3 pairs of assorted socks (Grey, Cream, Black) - £3.00
 'Tis the season to wear socks! Knee-high socks, ankle socks all kinds of socks! 'Tis the season to wear things with foxes in it too!

Khaki & Black knee high - £2.00, Fox knee high - £3.00

(L-R) AMAZING and SUPER COSY tights with fleecy lining - £3.50,
Fashion tights - £3.00, Cotton rich tights - £3.00

Okay, technically they're not socks but they're in the same family! hihi

Now... Time for my fave part! SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOEEEES!
I haven't bought any shoes for ages that's why I'm so excited to share this!

C H U N K Y  P R I M A R K  B O O T S

 P R I M A R K  M O N K  S H O E S

 P R I M A R K  N U D E  F L A T S
£8.00 - £4.00


A L D O  C Y P R I A  B O O T S
£100.00 - £50.00

I got this during their 50% off sale
You can get it here

 The gold zipper on the outer side doesn't actually unzip, but the dark brown zipper on the inner part does. haha

A L D O  G A S S A  B O O T S
£110.00 - £74.98
Get it here

Last but not the least.. the snood!

P R I M A R K  S N O O D
£ 6.00

 Perfect for winter!

 It's so cute isn't it? I'm so obsessed with it! hihihihi 

Muchos besos,

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