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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I've been dancing around the idea of changing my hair colour again! That's what spring/summer does to me! Usually I just dip dye my hair, but since my hair is extra extra short now I was thinking of dyeing everything. The only thing stopping me is the thought of having to maintain the roots every few weeks. But that's not my biggest dilemma! My biggest dilemma is whether to dye it a funky colour or bleach it and dye it into something 'office approved' or something appropriate just in case I get a call for a job interview. 

Since I'm too indecisive, I bought supplies for both options. I still have some bleach left from when I used to ombre my hair so I didn't buy any more.

Jerome Russell
BBlonde 40 VOL Maximum Blonde
RP: £ 1.69

Jerome Russell
BBlonde 30 VOL Medium Lift
RP: £ 1.69

La riche Directions
in Turquoise
RP: £5.99
OP: £3.99

Schwarzkopf LIVE COLOR XXL
RP: £3.99

Color Freeze Thermo-Protect Cream
RP: £5.99
OP: £2.99

Organic Natural World Coconut Water
Hydration & Shine Conditioner
RP: £ 3.99

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out which hair colour I'm going to go for. I'm quite excited! :)


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