Wednesday Wishlist #3 | Backpacks

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's been months since my last #wednesdaywishlist so this week's wishlist is about my current obsession, backpacks! I've always been a backpack kinda gal and I would choose any decent and sturdy backpack over any expensive/branded bag. These are my current favourites:

Grafea - £180.00
I only found out about the brand GRAFEA last week but I'm already obsessed with it! All of their products are to die for! I want all of them! 

Langly - $199.00(Roughly around £130.00 at the moment)
This is my favourite out of all of them! If I can only pick 1, I would choose this. It's practical and fashionable! It's perfect! It holds a 15" laptop, SLR, at least 4 lenses and more space for some clothes or other toiletries! LOVE IT!

New Look - £22.99
I am just obsessed with everything meshy! From decors to clothes, everything. That's what made me like this bag. It's simple but edgy, just the way I like it.

Herschel - £85.00
This one is really really cute! I think it's perfect for a quick trip somewhere or a weekend getaway maybe. It also has a padded 15" inner laptop sleeve which is always a plus! 

 ASOS - £55.00
This is perfect for Spring and Summer and it goes with mostly anything! It's simple but the colour gives it a more wow factor. 

That's all for now, til next week!
May all your wishes come true! 

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