Saturday, 19 September 2015

I went to Wales last weekend for a family friend's wedding and I had so much fun. We stayed in a very old hotel that is currently being renovated. It looked like a simple old building from the outside but it has so much character on the inside. I love the fusion of old and new decors. The only downside is, there's no hairdryer! huhuhu! But I loved the free breakfast!

It was a well-deserved short weekend trip after working for 6 days straight for the past 2 weeks. Speaking of work, I'm only supposed to work part-time so I'm very grateful for having extra hours at work because I love my job so much! I've only been working there since end of June, less than 3 months, but I've already learned so much and met so many interesting people. My colleagues are always willing to help and I am very lucky because they all made me feel at home since day 1! Everyday is different, and I actually get excited every time I learn something new. One of my colleagues even said that I get so excited and happy easily - it's true, even the silliest or the most random thing makes me happy. I guess it's because this year I realized how important it is to appreciate and be grateful for everything. That's why I value everything and everyone in my life right now. Every morning I wake up and the first word that enters my mind, waay before 'What shall I have for breakfast?', is gratitude. I'm truly grateful for having another day, another opportunity to start over again. Another opportunity to make someone smile, to tell my parents and the people I love how much I love them. Even when I'm having a horrible day, I'm still grateful because they prove that I can strive and find a reason to be happy again - even though it's raining today, I know that the sun will always shine tomorrow. 

HAHA! I was only going to make a short update and I didn't intend for this post to be so dramatic! HASHTAG DRAMA QUEEN! Oh well! But I'm truly grateful though! I feel so blessed whenever I remember that this time last year I felt so worthless and I was even questioning my existence. Life is indeed full of surprises! And speaking of surprises... Actually this has nothing to do with surprises, but since this is an update, I also want to mention that I finally uploaded my intro video for my random beauty/fashion/diy/lifestyle channel few weeks ago. And yes, I'm currently in the process of sorting things out so I can be consistent on both (Hera Marie and Moody Hera) channels. I know I've been seriously slacking, but it's okay! Now that I have adjusted in my new job I can finally have a proper routine. I also have a few exciting videos planned so I'm really looking forward to film, edit and upload them.

That's all for now!

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